Siamo in missione ai confini dell'universo

It all starts with a strange signal picked up by the Universe ...
Ocrim path towards the future has just begun.

Are you ready for the launch of the first mission?


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Stardate: 16th of March 2022
Cremona space station
On the 7th of March at 5:02:07 (Earth date time) we picked up a radio signal coming from intergalactic space. Our engineers have located the message coming from the Pulsar called 77k, located in the galaxy GN-z77, on the edge of the known Universe.

We have not yet fully understood the nature of the signals, nor from which alien intelligence they may have come. The encrypted messages are currently classified as Top Secret and they appear to contain a support request. Maybe they need help.
It seems that the entity, not well identified, requires an urgent action by our technicians and a contact with an extrasolar world. At the moment we are unable to reveal more to you and we cannot predict the impact of this request on our world.

We are committed in the organization of a mission at the limits of human knowledge, but we assure that, at the moment, this seems to be a difficult but necessary decision.

We are about to establish a communication bridge with your offices so that our crew will be in steady contact with the Earth.

MIRCO 1 mission launch scheduled for 6th of April at 10 am
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Stardate: 6th of April 2022 – Audio contact 124/k1 Captain Antolin
<<MIRCO 1 is calling ground control , MIRCO 1 is calling ground control, can you hear me? Captain Antolin speaking >>.
<<Engineers and crew aboard the TurboStar are fine, vital signs normal after take-off. We are floating in interstellar space at a speed of 27,000 km/h direction Epsilon Eridani for the access to the Wormhole. After entering the space-time tunnel we should be able to observe the red Supernova that the source pointed out to us as a sign to follow >>.

<<We are studying the magnetic frequencies coming out from the alien transmission source to try to identify any form of life on the Planet>>.
<<During a study, Dr. EVIN told me (that) he had identified DNA segments in the trail of the red Supernova, associated with wheat>>.
<<Engineer DYN has also set up an inter-satellite audio video bridge: we should be able to be in contact with you even after passing the event horizon. According to astrophysical calculations, the landing on alien ground is expected on the 13th of April, Earth date. I repeat: landing on alien ground on the 13th of April, Earth date. Until then we will find ourselves within the space-time passage and we will not be able to communicate with you >>.

<<We need to keep the radio link active, which is the only tool for sending and receiving messages with the Earth: we therefore ask you to share this journey on all your social media channels. We hope to get back in touch on the 13 of April, from a parallel universe >>.

End of transmission.

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Stardate: 13th of April 2022 – Audio contact 761- k4
<<MIRCO 1 to ground control. MIRCO 1 to ground control, can you hear me? Captain Antolin speaking >>.
<<We touched the ground, i repeat: successful landing. Excitement and tension are evident in all of us, but there is enthusiasm and pride in the entire Ocrim crew. At the moment we are in the middle of a circle indicated by the inhabitants of the Planet as a collection point >>.
<<From the Chem7 department, Dr. IDA is sharing the first data on the analysis of the atmosphere: the light of their Sun, to our eyes, seems very strange, and the oscillations of the quartz in the control room seem to indicate a different flow of time with respect to the Earth >>.

<<The first visual contact from the porthole and the TurboStar's spectroscopic scanner revealed a world completely covered with wheat, but we hope to give you confirmation of the true nature after the biomolecular analyses>>.
<<We cannot hide a certain surprise and melancholy: the vision of these infinite expanses of wheat, brought us back for a moment to our life on Earth and to our loved ones. Be aware to be on the edge of the Universe and discover all this, makes us reflect on how fascinating, but also precious, our raw material and our Planet are. >>.
<<We are getting ready to spend the first extra-solar night, not without a bit of restlessness and questions to which we hope to answer you as soon as possible>>.

<<At the moment we have not had any contact with the Intelligences >>.
<<We will try to set up another audio bridge by the 27th of April >>.
<<Spread the video of our journey: it could represent a safety anchor in case of an unpredictable quantum leap in another Universe >>.

End of transmission.

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Stardate: 27th of April 2022 – Logbook Cremona ground control – Contact attempt 47
<<Cremona ground control to MIRCO1. Respond. Please answer…Captain Antolin can you hear us? Here Cremona ground control. We no longer detect your signal on PARESC 7 coordinates . Let's open the emergency channel with P.O. -STAR waiting for your mother frequency >>.

Waiting for a new contact to be established, let's go over again the facts narrated up to now.

On the 7th of March our Cremona technicians picked up a radio wave signal from the distant Universe. It seems that an Extra-Solar Planet entirely covered with wheat urgently needs help. Up to now, there is no specific information on the nature of the request.
On the 6th of April, a task force settled up of Ocrim engineers and technicians was launched into intergalactic space from the Cremona base, with a TurboStar… This is a never faced mission by mankind. The crew, our great pride, left families, friends and colleagues on Earth, in the hope of supporting unknown worlds with his knowledge, and of being able to see our wonderful Blue Planet as soon as possible.
After take-off, Captain Antolin informed us that the entire crew is in excellent condition and is busy in defining the possible extent of the mission. The latest press release on 13th of April confirms the landing on extrasolar ground, all crew members are in good health and awaiting the first contact with alien intelligences ... Since that moment, despite non-stop requests, we have not received any other signals from the TurboStar and the audio-video connection attempts seem swallowed by antimatter.

As last attempt we will send a signal into space that should arrive on the alien planet on the 7TH of May. Please Send you a signal too by sharing on social channels. We look forward to seeing you on the 7th of May for the latest news.
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Today is a great day for Ocrim and for all of you. Since last April 6th the crew of the MIRCO1 mission has been engaged in some part of the Universe in an action to save a planet, and an extrasolar civilization, which has wheat as its only great sustenance. We have finally re-established a contact with the crew, lost since 13th April.
Follow the words of our Captain to find out what we have prepared for you in these latest months.
OPARTS - the new spare parts website is now online.
<<Captain Antolin to Cremona ground control. Captain Antolin to ground control. White code STAR alpha7. Can you hear me?>>.

<<This is Cremona ground control. Captain Antolin, it is such a joy to listen to your voice again. We can hear you loud and clear >>.

<<Mission complete! We made it. All the crew are in excellent health, and we are enthusiastic for the success of the mission.
A very important machine downtime caused the interruption of the line. Our technicians and engineers fixed the problem and refurbished it with new spare parts.
In the remote corners of the Universe, in an undefined time, we clearly understood how technology, even the most advanced, has always existed in front of a thinking mind. And how the synergy between man (or other forms of lives:)) and machine can reach very high levels to improve our life, and other people’s lives.

To thank us, as a sign of friendship and brotherhood without borders, the inhabitants of the planet have treasured us with advanced high-tech to create a unique project of its kind: a new online spare parts website. From now on, thanks to Oparts, we will be closer and more interconnected with all our customers>>.

P.S: We’re looking forward to hugging you on Earth. We will try to contact with you as soon as we enter the Solar System, on May 18th.
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